Tigers looking forward to makan besar

Posted on July 26, 2011


Singapore may carry the lead into the second leg of their World Cup qualifier against Malaysia. But ahead of Thursday and an anticipated full house at the 85,000 seat Bukit Jalil Stadium, it’s the Malaysians who are sounding confident. Presumably the Harimau get to eat every day, but Thursday appears to be the day they look forward to for a feast. And if the Malaysians’ words are anything to go by, the Lions are most definitely on the menu.

“I think they are very reliant on their naturalised players. Singapore are not much of a team without them.

Safiq Rahim

“These players are only good at their small stadium. They will not be able to play their game in front of our fans at the National Stadium. We will beat them.

“There is no need to press the panic button. We are still very much alive and we showed that Singapore can be rattled if we raise our game the way we played in the second-half.

“Let’s give them a shock wave like they have never seen before. They have not played in front of a huge crowd since 2007 when they last beat us in the semi-finals of the AFF championships on penalty kicks.”

Malaysia captain Safiq Rahim, suspended for Thursday

Safee Sali

“We will stamp our class in Bukit Jalil. I will make sure we qualify for the third round of this competition.

“We still have a good chance as we have 90 minutes of football left. We may have lost but we scored three important away goals. I am confident we will bounce back in the second leg.”

Malaysia striker Safee Sali

K. Rajagobal

“Football is a crazy game. We silenced our critics by bouncing back from a 5-1 defeat to Indonesia to win the AFF Cup. If we have done it once, we definitely can do it again.

“I am confident my boys will raise their game in Bukit Jalil. If we can raise our game when we were down 1-4 in the first-half … I am sure we can get the same energy level to do the damage to Singapore in Bukit Jalil.”

Malaysia coach Datuk K. Rajagobal