style mesti ada museum: #2

Posted on July 8, 2011


Jalan Besar Stadium, the spiritual home of Lim Yong Liang, Majid Ariff and Chia Boon Leong et al. The headquarters of Singapore football was officially opened on 26 December 1929 with a game between Malayan Chinese and Rest of Malaya, won by the Chinese 3-2. While Jalan Besar was purpose-built for football, it was owned and operated by the government rather than by the Football Association of Singapore, a situation which continues to this day. The old stadium was torn down in 1999 and resurrected in modern form in 2003. This week’s photo, a souvenir medal marking the demolition of the old Jalan Besar, is courtesy of Ko Pohui. It depicts the ‘dropping of the ball’ ceremony, held by the Royal Singapore Flying Club before a match.

The style mesti ada museum showcases the best of Singapore football memorabilia. See other museum pieces here, and email your submissions (in .jpg format) to All photos will be credited.

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